A Catholic, college preparatory high school located in beautiful Sonoma County.




乐竞体育下载 awarded $1,145,705 in financial aid for the 2021-22 school year. The amount of aid each year fluctuates with total enrollment numbers, but always fall short of meeting the need for all who qualify for assistance. We understand and appreciate the sacrifices and prioritization families make to ensure their children receive a quality, 天主教教育. It fuels our passion and motivation to honor these families by meeting the needs our their children. 创建一个温暖的, caring environment grounded in the Catholic faith provides a unique learning environment where the whole student can develop. We are blessed to have many 校友 return as faculty as a means of giving this gift of compassion and support to future generations of Cardinal Newman students. In this way, the Cardinal Newman family is always expanding and supporting one another. The financial aid we award each year is made possible by this spirit of support and giving back so that the next generation can succeed and thrive. We are overflowing with gratitude for all in the community who support our mission, 支持乐竞体育官网的学生, 积极地塑造后代.


 学费 at any privately-funded school is always a significant investment for families. 用高质量的方式丰富孩子的生活, 私立教育需要优先考虑, 承诺, 而且经常, 为家庭牺牲. 在红衣主教纽曼, we strive to keep tuition as low as possible to make our school available to as many families as we can. We do this by being conservative fiscal stewards of all funds received, by setting tuition rates at 85% of actual cost, and through the help of a generous community committed to the spirit of supporting our mission. A 天主教教育 has never been cheap, but we believe it has always been worth the investment. 一个高质量的, 天主教教育 not only prepares a young person for college, it prepares them for a happy and fulfilling life. 充满感激的生活, 对自己和他人的同情, 同理心, 信心, 和弹性. 人类的艺术和科学, rooted and developed through the Catholic faith, create the unique student experience at Cardinal Newman. Graduates transition into adulthood as part of a larger family of 校友 that is forever-expanding. We are grateful for all who support our mission and students.

Thirty-six percent of students receive financial aid

Part of our mission at Cardinal Newman is to ensure a quality 天主教教育 is available for all families who desire this for their children. 每年, our Board of Trustees approve an operating budget that sets tuition rates below the actual cost to educate our students. This is done to make our school as affordable as possible. In addition, nearly 40% of our families receive tuition assistance. In the current school year, $1,145,705 of tuition assistance was awarded. 学费 assistance and the deficit from tuition and actual costs are funded by the generous gifts and pledges from the Cardinal Newman community. It is with enormous gratitude that we thank our donors and benefactors for supporting our mission to provide a 天主教教育 for our students. A Cardinal Newman education is the Christian spirit of giving and supporting in action.


As the campus of Cardinal Newman is redeveloped, a few important "signs" of progress have been achieved. The original 乐竞体育下载 sign, which survived the fire, has been reinstalled. 另外, 巴尔多奇奖学金纪念馆, 被大火严重损毁, 已恢复和重新安装. Landscaping around both structures continue, 但教师, 工作人员, 校友, and students have all noticed and appreciated the return of these iconic landmarks. 乐竞体育官网的祝福继续.

从页面到舞台:四月. 28th & 29th

The Cardinal Newman 跳舞 troupe has announced its Spring 跳舞, 从一页到舞台, on April 28 and 29 at the Sonoma County Day School's Jackson Theater. 演出在每晚7:30开始.m. Tickets are on sale now by visiting the 艺术活动 section of our website, 演出当晚在门口. Fifty-eight percent of Cardinal Newman students are engaged in the Arts, please attend and celebrate these wonderful artists in a contemporary dance show inspired by fictional stories, 童话, 和神话.